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FYI: for you information
aka: also known as
ASAP: as soon as possible
R.I.P: rest in peace

RSVP: [French] répondez s'il vous plaît (please reply)
CV: [French] curriculum vitae (resumé [French] ; a summary of your academic and work history)

i.e.: [Latin] id est (that is)
e.g.: [Latin] exempli gratia (for example)
etc: [Latin] et cetera (and the rest, and so forth)
N.B.: [Latin] nota bene (note well, special attention should be paid to something)
P.S.: [Latin] post scriptum (written after, a note appended to a letter after the signature)
vs.: [Latin] versus (against)

Other common used Latin phrases:

per se: in itself; for its own sake. Simply as such; in its own nature without reference to its relation.
per annum: by the year; annually.
pro rata: for the rate; proportionately.

per capita: [per head] Average per person; per unit of population; per person.
per diem: [through a day] By the day; per day.
vice versa: [with position turned] The other way around, conversely.
de novo: [from the new] Over again, anew.
bona fide: [good faith] Authentic; genuine

alias: [otherwise] An assumed name.
veto: [I forbid] Refusal of permission; to prevent or forbid authoritatively.
via: [by the road] By way of; by means of
erratum: error; mistake

in situ: [in the place] In the original place, appropriate position, or natural arrangement.
in vitro: [in glass] In an artificial environment outside the living organism. An experimental or process methodology performed in a "non-natural" setting (e.g., in a laboratory using a glass test tube or Petri dish), and thus outside of a living organism or cell.
in vivo: [in life; in a living thing] Within a living organism. An experiment or process performed on a living specimen.

* Referred website: Answers.com > Latin pharses

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